Fun Zone Battle Splash Water Table

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Fun Zone Battle Splash Water Table

24 Months to 3 Years

Little Tikes can challenge their friends at the Fun Zone Battle Splash Water Table – but watch out! The aim of the game is to sink each other’s boats into the sea and spray water at one another so you might get soaked! Aim at the spinners and shoot the bullseye targets to fill the hanging buckets that spill water into the boats below. Or be the first to fill your pillar to the top and get the others drenched by the central sprayer!


Fill your pillar to the top to get your friends soaked by the central sprayer
Fill your friends’ boats with water to sink them into the sea!
Spray the spinners for upward and downward spinning action
Shoot the target to fill the water bucket, which tips over when full
Connect to a hose to activate water shooters 

Product 648809E3
Assembly Required: Yes

Weight (kg): 6.01
Height (cm): 75.01
Width (cm): 72.49
Depth (cm): 18.49
Battery Required: Not Required

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